Appraise the
value of your
Edgar Degas

Order an informal estimate of value or an official formal appraisal. Let us know what you need the appraisal for, and we will tell you if you need the Fair Market Value, the Replacement Value, or the Liquidation Value.

If this is about a tax-deductible donation, we will also provide the IRS form you will need.

We provide Degas estimates or appraisals to meet your needs:

  • Buying (To make sure you don’t overpay)
  • Investing
  • Speculating
  • Insurance
  • Selling
  • Auction sale

We appraise value for:

  • Insurance underwriters
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Insurance agents
  • The IRS
  • Law firms, Solicitors (Australia, UK, Japan)
  • Donations to museums
  • Donations to charitable organizations
  • Estate distribution
  • Divorce
  • Federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, the US Marshals, Homeland Security
  • Police departments in the US and abroad including Australia, Canada, Italy, Greece
  • Courts in the US and abroad
  • Buyers
  • Collectors
  • Investors
  • Speculators
  • Sellers
  • CPAs
  • Financial planners
  • Bank Trust Departments
  • Lenders

We appraise for all purposes:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Donating
  • Dissolution
  • Distribution
  • Investing