Degas ranks very high among art professionals and for this reason every museum, every corporate collection curator and every advanced collector wants one or more Degas.

If you have a painting, a drawing, a print or monotype by Edgar Degas and you have decided to sell it, we offer our brokering services.

The conditions are quite simple. First, of course, it must have been authenticated, you must have authentication documents, or if not, it must be authenticated now before it can be offered for sale.

Once this is done the second requirement is to examine it -wherever it is- to see that it does exist and to check on its condition and to appraise its quality.

Next, we will need a value in order to sell it. You must either tell us how much you want or if you are not sure, we will appraise its market value for you.

The final step is to sign a brokerage agreement and we will then start offering your Degas to a variety of buyers.

If you send us some photos, dimensions and copies of the documents, we will respond quickly.