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Degas Experts specializes in authenticating the works of the enigmatic and highly influential French artist Edgar Degas.

Degas is regarded by many as one of the top-ten most important painters in art history, and as such, interest and enthusiasm for his work is on a continual upward trend.

Degas experimented with many mediums—and excelled at them all. These include drawings, pastels, sculptures, lithography, and photography. He sketched and painted exclusively in his studio, eschewing the trend of working out of doors, and he composed his works either from memory or by use of live models. More than half of his works famously depict dancers. Although considered by many to be a founding member of the Impressionists, he was very much an uncompromising contrarian and proclaimed himself to be a realist.

It is important in authenticating Degas that the art expert comprehend the full range of his work across the various mediums. This requires an intimate familiarity and extensive experience with the diverse range and scope of his work.

With respect to sculpture, Degas created his works in wax, to be used as molds for the eventual, and final, bronze product. He exhibited only one finished bronze in his lifetime,but upon his death, more than 100 wax molds were discovered in his studio, and later, many plaster casts were uncovered, ostensibly from the foundry which he favored. These subsequently were used by others to create finished bronzes which began to appear on the market amid controversy over which were right and which might not be.

At Degas Experts, we have the scientific, technical, scholarship, and art-connoisseurship abilities to accurately identify legitimate works by Degas. We will issue a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), when we confirm a work is indeed by Edgar Degas.

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