Degas stolen,

Over a dozen Degas pieces have been the victims of notable thefts and losses: from the Nazis to pure burglary, and the fictional imaginings of best-selling authors. A handful of Degas works were caught up in what has been billed as the “the most valuable art heist in [modern] history.” Some $500 million in art was lifted in the St. Patrick’s Day robbery of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. Two thieves posed as police officers, entered the facility, and tied up the security guards. They proceeded to pack up 13 precious artworks including rare early sketches from Degas’ tours of Florence: La Sortie de pesage, Cortège aux environs de Florence, Program for an Artistic Soirée 1, Program for an Artistic Soirée 2, and Three Mounted Jockeys. These artworks have yet to be located, though the original theft has been linked to the Boston mafia. Until recently the museum was offering a $10 million reward for any leads on their missing art’s whereabouts. It’s thought to be the largest privately funded theft reward of all time. Also stolen in the United States, as noted on the FBI art theft registrar, are a bronze horse by Degas and a sketch of two horses.